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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Letter (Revised)

A thought, simple and receiving life as it is released into the air. For every moment developed by opportunity, a glimpse in time absently purposed, I think of you. Surrounded by walls of imprisonment, choice and limitation, I find myself prevented to bask in your presence. But by wonders and imaginations created from the lyrical sayings published by the editorial place of my heart, your presence surrounds me. Leaving me in a state of mind of attraction, an invisible attachment, I desire to be near you. But miles of distance tread upon my desires, constructing patience as a journey to endure. Close in speech, far in reach, my desire speaks. My touch impeached, my mind racing and my thought retracing. Conversing with you holds me to my means of approach. With hope leading my every step fighting the contradicting forces that dare to intrude upon our possibilities, I stand faithful to you.

Not knowing what stands on the other end of my hope, only trust allows me to cling to you for so long. Understanding matters of past destruction done within you and incomplete foundations built on sinking regrets; I offer space and time to ready a new development. For hurt is a womb to be closed. Patience is key to every development, and I’m here to help pave every moment of it with you, until solid is your fortress and strength is our foundation. Motives to make you happy, make you smile and give you life swell within me. Until that is done, I have much work to accomplish. I seek only one thing of you, chance.

I prove nothing but what and who I am, that’s who you see. What I present is what you shall get. I’m no knight in shining amour, because I find fairytales are not real. But the dream you dreamed, it seemed so real. I will make it a reality. Dreams are only prolonged wishes, so let me be your dream. Let me be the reason to wake up with a smile. Let me be the reason why the comfort of your dreams is in the comfort of my arms, the spark in your dream is in the spark of my kiss, and the life of your dreams is in the future of us. Trust me this isn’t a game, only the words on the tablet of my heart projected on paper, No game at heart declared. I am my words and my words are me, the truth. I sit and I wonder what it is that keeps me coming to you again, message after message, comment after comment, flirt after flirt. Proclaimed and seconded, only time will tell. So, I wait. A thought. Simple!

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