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...Thinking unusual to nature...I say it's creative...
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The waves of life beats upon the shores of my mind.
Often carried away into the ocean, the storms rages over me and the thunder roar to intimidate me.
I try to fight through the scolding battle that overtakes me from every angle.
The winds provokes and entices the ocean to anger allowing confusion, frustration, and pain to drown me out.
With all the strength I have i make my way to the surface of the water to gain peace, at least for a moment i beg.
As i wrestle in my storms, I think over in my mind that life have has no sympathy.
Not even the skies give me hope, for they darken over me and gather so abruptly.
I seek for the sun to save the day but no where to be found i remain in this troubled liquid grave alive.
I inhale for air but i swallow life and it stings like eternal death.
I feel like i fought the best fight and my soul is tired but i haven't thrown my last swing.
My faith in a new day, a better day is what keeps me aiming for the surface.
But the strength of my enemy over takes me.
So i let go...
I figure there's no point in fighting your struggles, so in perfect peace i rest.
The stormy winds are still blowing but i gave it up for He has prepared the table before me in the mist of my enemy and i have peace in the middle of the storm.
The sun may not shine on the outside but Son on the inside lives in me.
When lost my faith i begin to sink but he grab me by the hand..
and my weary days are passing away..

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