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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just A Thought

You know, i was just talking with someone the other day on the subject
of life. It's amazing how you can look out into this world, and see life in
so many perspectives. As you mature from the nature of a child into the
nature of adulthood, your insight on everything changes, the environ-
ment becomes more clear and the understanding you had a child has
broaden as you become an adult.You don't watch the same things you
use to watch, you don't say the same things you used to say, and you
probably don't hang with the same crew you used to hang with because
your perspective has change and wisdom begins to blossom.

From generation to generation, every person was raised under a certain
norm, morale, or value that has been implanted by there ancestor from
different background and cultures which eventually led to some form of
stereotype or prejudice concepts that even falls into today's time.I have
debated with different people of my culture to different people of anoth
er culture concerning the issue of slavery and racism. It not in my full
purpose that this be my main focus in this note, but briefly i want it to be
spoken and heard.

I understand what we as an African American culture has endured in the
past, but personally, i feel that something that occur one hundred years
ago, should not be carried over into another one hundreds years to come.
Don't get me wrong, it's good to know your history and value it, but don't
value it too much, that it's still an issue. Now we talk about how Dr. King
dream has come true because of a African American President, but has
it really? Because the dream talked about unity also not just opportunity.
We see one change, but what about all the other changes? Our country
will never get better until the people as a whole gets better. Change
does not happen unless we change, until we think differently, until we
really let go of the past, because nothing will ever change if we are still
holding on to what prevented change for the last 100years. Our attitudes
has to change. Our actions has to change. How we see things has to
change. If we keep looking in the rear view mirror we going to keep run-
ing into tragedies and disasters. But if we look at whats ahead, the
newness of life is waiting for us all.

but you know...Align Center

It's just a thought!

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