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Thursday, February 18, 2010

UPDATE: "The Troubled Waters" (Small Teaser)

Hey! As most of you know I'm working on a novel. Here is the plot of the book and also a Small teaser:

"The trouble waters". It's mystery romance mixed with suspense about a young man who loses trust in everything because different occasions in life. He struggles on an emotional level as well as obstacles life throws, but through it all he meets a girl. he wants to fall for her but a personal conflicts within himself causes a strain in being able to love and face life battles.

"Have you ever had that feeling as if the entire universe is a lie? That the world and the people you know has grown to be estranged? Well, that’s where I stand at this point; Living in a place of misunderstandings and unfamiliar interactions, It kind of feel like Neo entering into the Matrix for the first time except I’ve been here before. Sounds like a contradictory statement I know but life doesn’t always come with a comprehensive guideline or blueprint that tells you how to live life into an unmarred masterpiece. I know because I’m a witness. My name is Marcus and this is my story…"

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