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...Thinking unusual to nature...I say it's creative...
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

I am not the Christ

Standing with the world while the world stands against me,
I'm compressed with burdens.
Taking as much as i can bare,
barely on one knee.
Trying to carry my cross I stumble,
but I don't have a Simon to support me
because I thought you would be there.
Even peter lied thrice and returned to Christ,
but thrice you fail me and returned.
I rejected you because I'm not the Christ.
You crucified me when you said no,
as painful as it was it wasn't nails that had me hanging.
I chose you because I trusted you,
I would call you Judas but I wouldn't let you come close to me
Tried to sell me out to the game,
but you paid the price for my pain.
I'm whole again.
Since I never died, not even the rain can wash your sins away.
You living in shame and regret,
when I was the one who protected you from the rain,
when i was the one who held your hand when you were sinking.
Now you are crying out and I'm laughing at your calamity.

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  1. Good for u!!!!! I think u have a great gift! Keep on working on it and stay writing! Wish u the GREATEST success!