Speaking beyond the norm...They think I'm strange
...Thinking unusual to nature...I say it's creative...
What do you think??

Monday, January 18, 2010

SIlent Earth

The wind speaks and carry through out the way,dissemination of pain and agony in the air. Displacing patterns confuses nature, the trees trembles with praise of deliverance. Audaciously provoking creation to fear, the living sought refuge and the doubtful drifted. Uproars occurring throughout the land as sacrificial dominance take hold. Storm clouds completes the sky causing a heaviness in the atmosphere. Darkness takes over and the heart of world suffers. Mindless corruption crucifies, but uses its ability to justify. Listen as the earth cries! But the Son must rise! Everything is subject to Him. You don't have to remain under the heaviness of the enemy. You don't have to endure the pains and suffering of this world! Your deliverance is in your praise. Trust God through your storms and rains. Don't give in to your storm and drift away. Seek refuge in Christ. As long as you have Christ on board, Peace has to be still.

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