Speaking beyond the norm...They think I'm strange
...Thinking unusual to nature...I say it's creative...
What do you think??

Thursday, January 21, 2010

She Cries...

Tears overflows from her eyes, plummet down her face.
Tears of misunderstanding, confusion, and pain.
I see the hurt in her tears.
I hold her and hope my touch will heal her.
Deep breaths of anguish she releases, trying to deceive her mind that the suffering is over
But she only strong for that moment of air.
Her thoughts contemplating on the reasons, stabbing into her healing wombs, her tears traveling the lengths to reach the ground.
Her heart carries the weight that knocked her down.
Glazing past her tears off and afar, she ponders on her faults and where she went wrong.
Blaming herself, she threatens her soul.
I lift her by her chin and tell her it's okay...
....Let go.
The rain has fallen long enough, comforting her under my umbrella, she has bared way too much.
I wipe her tears away and lifts her up,
look her in the eye and tell her that her time is up.
I take her off her feet into the solace of my arms and touch her on the lips to reassure her I will love her beyond.

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