Speaking beyond the norm...They think I'm strange
...Thinking unusual to nature...I say it's creative...
What do you think??

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I Speak, with the understanding of knowledge, making me wise to what I see to be an illusion derived from the desires of my heart. I say, you are pulchritudinous. Repelled to the visions of the open, fallen to revealed of the eye, settled for acceptance of the seen, I die. Not unto death, but unto life, life with you. For I know that purpose is permitted and coincidence isn’t admitted, I doubt not the meeting of you, for if I did, what would be the meaning? I touch you from a distance, reaching far and beyond, only to be close to you, I lone for you, I belong to you. Although words may not carry, thoughts do, mine, sent out into the universe, transfigured into reality, and there you stand. You. My thoughts.


  1. You are amazing with words. This was beautiful.

  2. Beautiful! You can turn a poem into a story....I really love that!

  3. Just saw you put a link to my blog on your page! Thanks for showing some love to a fellow writer!

  4. Thanks everyone. Appreciate it.

    Geisha..You are welcome. Likewise.