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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Don't Quit (An Inspired Writing)....

If you look out before you, you see nothing but space and opportunity. Opportunities that was created for you to embrace, enough space to walk into every success there is. There is nothing withheld from you unless you withhold it from yourself. Every step you take forward is a step further into your success, further into your future. No one said that it would be easy and no one said it would be handed to you. Success is earned. Again! Success is earned! You never seen nobody receive a High School Diploma, and never had to work through the levels of endurance to get it. You never seen a business owner profit millions, with no struggles to get there!Why? Because life takes steps! Success and Opportunities takes steps! "But what if I take a wrong step?" We often take wrong and turn it into a absolute failure. What we don't seem to realize is that failure is a developed form of manipulation that really doesn't exist but has become common to those who give up too easily. "Failure" is also a sub-level of "F.e.a.r."! False Evidence Appearing Real. Taking a wrong step does not make you a failure, but in fact a learning experience to prepare for many steps to come. "Wrong steps" are commonly known as obstacles. Obstacles are defined as things placed in ones way to prevent from moving forward. That's the definition we are used to hearing. But in reality, obstacles can only stop us from moving forward if we allow them too. In a obstacle course, you are taught to maneuver around, under, over, or even through obstacles and keep it moving. In a race, do the runner stop at a hurdle? No! They leap over the problem and continue their course. The "wrong step" does not have to be your last step, but the beginning of a new step. Just because they say you can't make it through school now because of your baby,you Don't Quit! Because it's being done at this very moment, Don't let drug habits and drinking habits be your last step! There is another step to take! Don't Quit! You may be going through pains, heartaches, shame, and hurt, but there is another step ahead of you!Take it and Don't Quit! Failure is was never an option for me and it don't have to be for you! I am the 2nd person in my family to go to college. To finish high school with no kids on my hands. To live my dreams! They told me music wasn't going to get me no where, but i play the piano with a passion all over. And i haven't even taken my last step! So Don't Quit! Take the extra step!

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