Speaking beyond the norm...They think I'm strange
...Thinking unusual to nature...I say it's creative...
What do you think??

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The After Effect

As her voice fades away and our conversation decease,
I'm left with memories and expressed imagination.
Wondering what it will be like to encounter her face to face,
Pondering on the very words spoken to me from the fruits of her lips.
Reconstructing her voice, her face over and over in my head,
until it becomes the last thing I hear and the first thing I dream.
Having the feeling we have met before in this lifetime,
the path is so familiar.
I hold in suspension the meaning of us because it all seems so surreal,
is the for real?
I think back on what she said for reassurance,
and I understand the sincerity in her tone when she spoke it,
I make it knowledgeable that she meant it,
and I made trust in her and believed it.
I feel closer to her,
but i rather feel closer.
She plans our life for us for fun,
But i don't plan on loving her for the fun.
She blueprints her dreams out how she wants it,
I comprehend it and prepare to give her it as life.
Its funny because she calls me twice,
the first time she hangs up and says goodnight.
The second time she misses me.
I miss her.
But with all that said, that's not the after effect..
She gives me sleepless nights,
because I dare not to miss a moment..

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I Speak, with the understanding of knowledge, making me wise to what I see to be an illusion derived from the desires of my heart. I say, you are pulchritudinous. Repelled to the visions of the open, fallen to revealed of the eye, settled for acceptance of the seen, I die. Not unto death, but unto life, life with you. For I know that purpose is permitted and coincidence isn’t admitted, I doubt not the meeting of you, for if I did, what would be the meaning? I touch you from a distance, reaching far and beyond, only to be close to you, I lone for you, I belong to you. Although words may not carry, thoughts do, mine, sent out into the universe, transfigured into reality, and there you stand. You. My thoughts.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Don't Quit (An Inspired Writing)....

If you look out before you, you see nothing but space and opportunity. Opportunities that was created for you to embrace, enough space to walk into every success there is. There is nothing withheld from you unless you withhold it from yourself. Every step you take forward is a step further into your success, further into your future. No one said that it would be easy and no one said it would be handed to you. Success is earned. Again! Success is earned! You never seen nobody receive a High School Diploma, and never had to work through the levels of endurance to get it. You never seen a business owner profit millions, with no struggles to get there!Why? Because life takes steps! Success and Opportunities takes steps! "But what if I take a wrong step?" We often take wrong and turn it into a absolute failure. What we don't seem to realize is that failure is a developed form of manipulation that really doesn't exist but has become common to those who give up too easily. "Failure" is also a sub-level of "F.e.a.r."! False Evidence Appearing Real. Taking a wrong step does not make you a failure, but in fact a learning experience to prepare for many steps to come. "Wrong steps" are commonly known as obstacles. Obstacles are defined as things placed in ones way to prevent from moving forward. That's the definition we are used to hearing. But in reality, obstacles can only stop us from moving forward if we allow them too. In a obstacle course, you are taught to maneuver around, under, over, or even through obstacles and keep it moving. In a race, do the runner stop at a hurdle? No! They leap over the problem and continue their course. The "wrong step" does not have to be your last step, but the beginning of a new step. Just because they say you can't make it through school now because of your baby,you Don't Quit! Because it's being done at this very moment, Don't let drug habits and drinking habits be your last step! There is another step to take! Don't Quit! You may be going through pains, heartaches, shame, and hurt, but there is another step ahead of you!Take it and Don't Quit! Failure is was never an option for me and it don't have to be for you! I am the 2nd person in my family to go to college. To finish high school with no kids on my hands. To live my dreams! They told me music wasn't going to get me no where, but i play the piano with a passion all over. And i haven't even taken my last step! So Don't Quit! Take the extra step!

Monday, January 25, 2010

The day I saw you...

Going about the day, strolling along the way.
Enjoying sights from afar and nearby.
perfection to the moment of the next.
For a moment my sight had became just.
Lifting my eyes in your direction, I became fond of you.
I felt like displacement to enter into your presence.
The warmth of your vibe.
The swagg in you stride,
The rock in your hip,
The sin in your lips.
The lusciousness of your skin,
ha...even the smoothness there in.
The bounce in your hair,
The appeal in your eyes.
I could only dream until the moment we speak
until you had touch me i didn't believe in reality.
You were too real to me,
that I couldn't believe in me.
From the moment I said hello,
you believed in me,
So now i live for you
I'll die without you
I fell for you
and now you the hope I cling on too,
the air I breathe
The moment to embrace,
I'll give you all the love it takes
But for now...
Lets get through the first day...

"It is said that once a woman love, she loves hard.
But if a woman can make a man fall, he will hold on"
- Strangely Creative

Sunday, January 24, 2010

When she smiled...

Her days seems weary and by the hour dreary.
She sits alone in her area looking beyond for peace.
Her mind seems heavy and her eyes tells a story.
It's moments like this she wishes there was a He to listen,
But if she only knew that it was me who listens.
She prays for relief.
She cries but no sound, no motion, no tears.
It's her silent cry I hear.
Away from the world she wish to be, I can tell by her guilty smirk her hello's means disappear.
I feel her thoughts and understand her wants,
but i wait for the moment, no need to rush.
In her eyes the story goes on, emotionless entangled, it hurts me worse.
I reach out for her but she sees nobody because distance is our mediator,
I negotiate because I can no longer stand by to watch her and regret it later.
I reach again to take from her the burden she carries,
She give a sigh of relief.
I stand over her to take on the cross she's carrying,
and she looks up at me and smile and touch me,
and now I die to her daily.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Conversation...

The night strikes the sky
and silence protrudes the evening.
Settled down into comfort of her desire...
She tries to figure out what to say.
Pacing the floor back and forth, she attempts to dial the number...
but she hangs up before it even rings.
Anticipating to hear the sound of his voice,
she drifts off onto a memory;
The way she smiles and entangles herself in depths of his words.
She glides across the thought of him at her side
and his voice linger off into the distance.
But she catches herself before giving in to such defiant ideation's..
Phone rings...
Dazzled by his unequivocal romance,
she longs for his galvanic presence alone.
Exchanging words and feelings. they jolly in the intimacy of their dalliance.
Moments come and moments go..
even time has become intrigued by the absence of it's being.
Never wanting to miss a moment,
the sound of passion gallantly acknowledge the night
The evening has came to an end but atmosphere has become persistent.
She shuts her eyes for relief and open her heart for love;
doses off into a delusion while the man of her dreams listens..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

She Cries...

Tears overflows from her eyes, plummet down her face.
Tears of misunderstanding, confusion, and pain.
I see the hurt in her tears.
I hold her and hope my touch will heal her.
Deep breaths of anguish she releases, trying to deceive her mind that the suffering is over
But she only strong for that moment of air.
Her thoughts contemplating on the reasons, stabbing into her healing wombs, her tears traveling the lengths to reach the ground.
Her heart carries the weight that knocked her down.
Glazing past her tears off and afar, she ponders on her faults and where she went wrong.
Blaming herself, she threatens her soul.
I lift her by her chin and tell her it's okay...
....Let go.
The rain has fallen long enough, comforting her under my umbrella, she has bared way too much.
I wipe her tears away and lifts her up,
look her in the eye and tell her that her time is up.
I take her off her feet into the solace of my arms and touch her on the lips to reassure her I will love her beyond.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nightly Serenity

Phone is off...
....Lights dimmed.
Voices die off into the distance...
The quiet speaks loudly and the loud cries softly.
The hurt is painless...
....The sorrowful reposed.
The moon smiles...
She smiles.
I smile back...
She loves.
A thoughtful time...
...Creative minds wonders
...some write.
Passion swells...
Couples dwell.
Fireplace lit...
...Music Soothes.

Monday, January 18, 2010

SIlent Earth

The wind speaks and carry through out the way,dissemination of pain and agony in the air. Displacing patterns confuses nature, the trees trembles with praise of deliverance. Audaciously provoking creation to fear, the living sought refuge and the doubtful drifted. Uproars occurring throughout the land as sacrificial dominance take hold. Storm clouds completes the sky causing a heaviness in the atmosphere. Darkness takes over and the heart of world suffers. Mindless corruption crucifies, but uses its ability to justify. Listen as the earth cries! But the Son must rise! Everything is subject to Him. You don't have to remain under the heaviness of the enemy. You don't have to endure the pains and suffering of this world! Your deliverance is in your praise. Trust God through your storms and rains. Don't give in to your storm and drift away. Seek refuge in Christ. As long as you have Christ on board, Peace has to be still.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Standing in a place filled with commotion. My mind quakes. My soul twisted. Not understanding the circumstances around me, I panic for refuge. My life is a battleground and the air I breathe is warfare. Every step I take is armed fire and every blink I make is the only peace I get. Restless in my spirit, rest is my scream. Joy is my cry and victory is my plead. Taking cover from incoming tragic, the hope I see is the mirage in front of me, distant in the way. But that won’t set me free. You asked me if you pressure me. I answer now, no. Just a mirage that can’t set me free. Running from the battle, it remains with me, for it follows until it obtains victory. The truth of the matter is, I can’t have you even if I wanted too. Because as long as I run, I can only see and have you at a distance. My sorrows are my strength, My unseen tears are my freedom. But you are my hope.

The Best

There is a difference in you
Your soul is out of this world, leaving your mind in another dimension, your body alienated. But I feel so close to you. Wanting to know what it is about you, my much studying of you has increased interest, my knowing of you has increase my wanting, my having of you have increase my satisfaction. They told me of your kind existed, but so sadly I looked pass and missed it. Looking back I glanced, retracing my past, now enacted as my future, I should’ve listened. But I’ve learned and now I have your attention. Intended for good, you turned out to be the best. The thought of you, a heavy lightness fill the place , like unto a glory compressed beyond capacity. Imagination can’t imagine the image you portray, for to see, it’s reality you must gain, vision obtained. I see. Eyes haven’t, because deeper than image they have not learned. Seeing isn’t always believing but it’s faith and hope that keep me grasping for you.


As I await the moment to embrace her, my patience has become weary, for I lone to see her face to face. Time becomes timeless, worthless to me because she has yet to become of me. Afraid that this may be a figment of my imagination, I dream of knowing that some dreams may come true. She beholds my attention, and reverence my compassion, I draw near and nearer to her until I can hold her captive, not against her will, but willing she surrenders. Hoping she forsake me not, I diligently subject myself to be her purpose, hoping she fulfill me. Afraid to love I know she is, resisting opportunity, to keep from hurting again. Guarding herself from pain, turning her back on agony. But I hope she turn to face me and see not a usual , but her dream. I ask nothing of her, only that she let me in, not into her heart but into her world, not to fall in love with me but to appreciate me, not to be her one but her desire, not to be there to just hug her, but hold her to let her know I’m there.
But I still await.


I’ve sought out places, searched beyond what is said can not be seen, wondered what is it like to behold a beauty so captivating that I become enslaved to my own deepest desires. Bound with chains, limited by shackles, trapped behind bars, I have placed myself for undeserving have I discovered myself to be unto the greater person endowed beneath. For I didn’t see her face nor the enticement of her body, she showed me more, the desire for me, you were created for me, she waited for me. Still enclosed in the imprisonment of my will, I forsake the bail that she put out for me, holding her accountable for imprisoning me but deep within I know she just wants to free me, to be apart of me, so she waits for me, and now hold the weight for me so I can see she is not going to leave me although they forsake me, she won’t give up on me. She touches me to relieve me, I touch back for she has freed me.

A letter

A thought, simple, precipitated into the air. Intertwined into motion. Kinetic and motion solutes existence, my actions, enforced to destined predestination to present presentation. For every moment developed by opportunity, a glimpse in time absently purposed I think of you. Surrounded by walls of imprisonment choice limitation, I find myself prevented to bask in your presence. But by wonders and imaginations created from the lyrical sayings published by the editorial place of heart in you, your presence surrounds me. Leaving me in a state of mind of attraction, an invisible attachment I desire to be near. But miles of far distance treads upon desires constructing patience as a journey to endure. Close in speech. Far in reach. My desire speaks. My touch impeached. My mind racing, my thought retracing. Conversing with you holds me to my means of approach. With hope leading my every step, cross canceling contradicting forces to intrude of interest of a captivating vessel I stand faithful to you. Not knowing what stands on the other end of my hope, only trust allows me to cling on for you for so long. Understanding matters of past demolition done with in you and incomplete foundations built on sinking regrets, I offer space and time to ready a new development. For hurt is a womb to be close. Patience is key to every development, and I’m here to help pave every moment of it with you until solid is your fortress and strength is our foundation. Motives to make you happy, make you smile, give you life are only in me to be. Until that is done, I have much work to accomplish. I seek only one thing of you, chance. I prove nothing but what and who I am, that’s who you see. What I present is what you shall get. I’m no knight in shining amour, because I find fairytales are not real. But the dream you dream, so real It seemed, so real I will make it to be. Dreams are only prolonged wishes, so let me be your dream. Let me be the reason to wake up with a smile. Let me be the reason why the comfort of your dreams is in the comfort of my arms, the spark in your dream is in the spark of my kiss, and the life of your dream is in the future of us. Trust me this isn’t game, Only the words on the tablet of my heart projected on paper, No game at heart declared. I am my words and my words me, The truth. I sit and I wonder what it is that keep me coming to you again, message after message, comment after comment, flirt after flirt. Proclaimed and seconded, only time will tell. So, I wait. A thought. Simple.